English Programmes

FXit programme is geskik vir Sondagskool, kategese, kinderkerk, jeugdienste, tienerbediening, skole en jeugkampe.
FXit programmes is meant for Sunday school, kids' church, teen ministry, youth services, schools and youth camps.

All programmes are also in eBook format.



R150 elkFour Books

Crossroad Kids consists of four books, each to be used as a teacher’s guide. The content is easy to prepare and to teach.

One book (series of 20+ lessons) is used for each age group:

  • early childhood [grade R],
  • primary childhood [grade 1],
  • junior childhood [grade 2 to 3] and
  • senior childhood [grade 4 to 6]..

Children learn in creative ways to know the Bible – by imitation, competition, games, discovery, repetition, rhyme and rhythm.

Grade 7 to 12: iConekt

R150 elkOne Book

The book (leader's guide) also contains a CD with...

  • discussion sheets (handouts) and
  • informal PowerPoint presentation as motivation and guidance for the mentor.

Setup and flexibility: Suitable for twenty small group meetings in cell groups, Sunday school, youth camps, school ministry, etc.

User-friendly presentation: Meetings can take place even in the absence of an adult.

Preparation: The book provides brief and relevant directions. Preparation is easy and doesn't take much time.

Content is Scripture based and real-life topics are examined.